Our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!

Just like the Marigold, the Heart is so important to everyone here at Masala Baby HQ. It symbolizes love, friendship, care and so much more.

Each year, as Valentine’s Day approaches the team is scrambling to find gifts for the ones that matter most. So we came together to make an easy list to share with our #masalacommunity!

From your baby girl to the expecting dad here are our favorite pieces for anyone in your family! Leave the stress to us so you can focus on sharing the love!

#1 For the girl that can’t choose between pink or red.

Have you ever had to pick between the Red or Pink Starburst? It’s just too hard. Don’t worry! For the Big Love Gold Heart Red PJs you wont have to choose. We just love the big gold foil heart! The foil is applied by hand, and each piece is carefully created with LOVE & CARE by our artisan groups across India. $40 for baby sizes and $46 for kids sizes!

#2 For the girl that definitely chose pink!

Left: Butterfly Dress, Right: So Masala Dress

On the other hand, some girls just love pink! Trust us, we do too – it’s in our logo! For the bold fashionistas who like to stand out, the playful hot pink metallic So Masala Dress will turn heads! Available in baby sizes up to 24 months ($38) and girls sizes up to 12 years ($40)

For those who prefer a hint of sparkle, our new pink butterfly dress features metallic pink hearts woven into the fabric! This masala classic is available in baby sizes up to 24 months ($48) and girls sizes up to 12 years ($56)

If your girl can’t get enough pink in her life, click here for your one stop shop to all things pink!

#3 For your boy that wants to be a part of the fun in his own way!

We know what you are thinking…bugs for valentines day? Not just any ordinary creatures, these are LOVE BUGS. These special organic, 100% cotton Love Buggies pajamas are from our Happily Eva After capsule collection. Can you spot the hearts?! These PJs are perfect and unique for your kiddos. The lovely pastel hues work well for boys and girls! So comfortable, they can use them all year round. Baby sizes are $40 and kids sizes are $48

#4 For the mamma that just cant wait to match with her favorite valentine!

Baby & Kids Diu Cover Up $60 & Women’s Diu Cover Up $76

We love the cute little metallic hearts on our new mommy & me Diu Caftan cover ups! The drawstring makes this flattering on any body type. We nearly sold out of these styles because of pre-sales – so we’re making them available ahead of schedule just in time for Valentine’s! Get yours before they’re all gone!

#5 For the dad expecting his first 

Part of the new Goa Collection available now!

How exciting! Chances are he won’t be able to wait to start cuddling your little one! You’ll want to make sure everything is picture-perfect when you capture these special moments with his first, and there’s no better way than with our new Ikat Dots Wilder Shirt for men. Made with breathable handwoven fabric, this versatile shirt can easily be dressed up with linen pants or dressed down with a pair of jeans.

And, of course, round out your family photo with the summery Women’s Mara Dress or Women’s India Dress for mom!

Expecting a girl? Pair it with the flutter one piece but we have to warn you: this combo will melt your heart!
Having a boy? The baby wilder shirt and ikat cargo shorts are just too cute!
Left to right: Girl’s Mara Dress $56, Women’s India Dress $98, Men’s Wilder Shirt $56, Kids Wilder Shirt $40, Kids Cargo Shorts $40, Women’s Mara Dress $98, Baby Flutter One Piece $44

The best part? The Ikat Dots Capsule Collection includes styles for the whole family – so if baby’s got a big brother or sister, we’ve got you covered! The Mara Dress is available from sizes 2 to 12 Years, and the Boys Wilder Shirt and Ikat Cargo Shorts are available up to 8 Years.

Who are you gifting this Valentine’s day? Let us know and share your favorite pieces!

A pinch of turmeric, a dash of indigo, and a whole lot of love,

The Masala Baby Team


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