Masala Mama May: Jane, Natazha, Brianne, Nicole

Earlier this week, we kicked off #MasalaMamaMay with a bang with this post featuring 3 wonderful women who are more than just pretty in pink.

There’s no shortage of inspiring women that make up our community, so without further ado, let’s get to know a few more, shall we? 🙂

Having moved with her littles from China to India, Jane knows the importance of raising global citizens. Her daughter Orly is 7, and her son Teddy is 4. @housewifeadventures/ @orlykang
This gregarious mama is a connector, bringing different groups of people together everywhere she travels. Her vivacious personality is infectious – just look at those photos!

One word to describe your kids. One word your kids would use to describe you.
Orly is sweet.  Teddy is a lover.  My kids just told me Love, that they love me.  However they in a good mood right now, you should ask after I punish them!

How would you define your strength, your power?
Since I was born expat and lived between 2 cultures/races, I can say I’m easily adaptable.  I think it puts people at ease because I am self deprecating.  Many people confess things to me!  I think they don’t feel embarrassed when they are with me.

Best parenting lesson you’ve learned from your mom?
My mom wasn’t the average American mom, she wasn’t very domestic, but she was a lot of fun.  It was never boring at home and because of her I don’t take things as seriously.  We laugh a lot and try to see humor in even the worst of things.

What is your passion?
Growing up in Connecticut, everyone was so “perfect”, amazing birthday parties, moms homemade brownies, etc.  My mom used the oven as storage and went shopping instead of PTA meetings.  I’m passionate in creating what I think is a beautiful vision in my mind come to life especially for my kids.  I love planning events, styling, and creating pretty crafts or delicious foods.  It’s almost a test to myself to see if I can do it.

Favorite place you’ve traveled to?  What about it did you love?
I will always love Istanbul, it reminds me of being young and carefree.  Everything there tastes better and every moment is an adventure.

A little fun fact about yourself
I can speed read.  I can read about 100 pages in an hour, but it depends on topic too! If it’s boring or about parenting it usually makes me fall asleep!

Your Spirit Animal
Big Fluffy yet scrappy Cat

3 Emojis to describe life after kids

Natazha, a west-coast based model and designer, is mother to 4 year old Taya Tupelo. These two ladies are as beautiful inside as they are on the outside! Lots of love in these answers below, read them and see what we mean! @natazha_taya

One word to describe Taya. One word Taya would use to describe you:It is so hard to pick just one word to describe my daughter. To me, she is pure magic! Taya is thoughtful, funny, kind and all rainbows and unicorns!
When I asked her to pick one word to describe me she said I was sweet.

How would you define your strength, your power?
I think since having my daughter I have proven to myself that I am so much stronger than I ever thought I was. Becoming a parent has forced me to stretch and grow as a person in ways that I never thought possible, including discovering how much love you can have for another person!

Best parenting lesson you’ve learned from your mom?
The best lesson I have learned as a mom is that … in order to give the best of yourself you still need  “ME” time.

What do you like to do when you need some “ME” time? 
I love burning off some steam at Boot Camp and then getting a massage.

What is your passion?
My passion is traveling and exploring with my family. We make it a point to go camping, be in nature and revel in the world’s beauty. I am currently inspired by interior design. I just finished a 12 week certificate course and am in the process of remodeling our home.

Favorite place you’ve traveled to?  What about it did you love?
One of my favorite places that I have traveled to is Tahiti. My husband and I went there on our honeymoon and fell in love with the culture and the gorgeous water. We can’t wait to take Taya there.

A little fun fact about yourself:
Up until a few months ago my husband and I owned a boutique hotel for travelers in Costa Rica called School of the World. It is a place where people from all over the world could come to learn to surf, do yoga, learn Spanish, and photography.

Your Spirit Animal
My spirit animal is a horse; I love how majestic they are and how to me they represent freedom.

3 Emojis to describe life after kids

New York City-based blogger Brianne is a family traveller, fashion lover, and mother of three – Ryder, Siella, and Gemma who are 10, 7, and 6 respectively. @strollerinthecity If there’s something cool and fun to do with the kids in NYC, chances are Brianne and the gang have done it, so if you’re looking for ideas then check out her blog!

Brianne, what’s the best parenting lesson you’ve learned from your mom?
Every child is different and do what works for you! 

What do you like to do when you need some “ME” time?
A mani/pedi along with a chair massage is ideal for me! 

Fun fact about yourself.
I kiss my kids about 100 times each morning!

Your Spirit Animal?
I’m going to say a dove because it symbolizes love and peace!

What’s your secret mom talent?
My secret mom talent would be that I’m super organized. I write lists and make sure everything is in the calendar so I never miss a beat! 

3 emojis to describe life after kids

I just looked at my most used emojis- so I would say hearts in every color, the (tired emoji), and the cracking up laughing one too!

This Nashville-based mama to two young ladies, Olivia (4) and Emmy (2), channels her creativity and passion for photography into her work. Even throughout law school, her art remained a big part of her life while running a professional photography business! After leaving the corporate world to become a stay-at-home mom, she used her passion and skills to create content and build a community online for other people looking to find their niche and share their stories on instagram!

One word to describe your kids:

One word your kids would use to describe you:

Best parenting lesson you’ve learned from your mom?
Give your children the confidence to go after their dreams and never give up!

What do you like to do when you need some “ME” time?
Work while listening to podcasts and snacking. I love my job and I am passionate about my work! ☺️

Do you have any advice for a newly stay-at-home mom?
Find a community to confide in but also take what everyone else says with a grain of salt. Trust yourself and know that only YOU know what’s best for your baby- whether that be co-sleeping, breastfeeding, bottle feeding or one of the other million things we need to decide as a mom. No one loves your baby more than you and no one knows what’s best for them more than you.

Fun fact about yourself (We had to include all of these, we couldn’t pick just one!)
I’m a lawyer and also competed in Miss USA! I kissed a kangaroo in Australia. I love animals! 

Your Spirit Animal?
LION (I’m a Leo!)

What’s your secret mom talent?
Tricking my girls into thinking healthy versions of things are the same as the junk versions such as chocolate Quinoa M&Ms haha

3 emojis to describe life after kids :

Love what you saw today? Copy the look!

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