Masala Mama May: Lauren, Nisha, Danijela

#MasalaMamaMay is moving forward into summer with Lauren, Nisha, and Danijela!


Meet Lauren, mama to Vivienne and Juliette. We love the warmth that comes through in these moments with her gals! #MasalaMamaMay is all about celebrating mamas like Lauren! As a yoga teacher, Lauren is passionate about helping others love themselves and tap into their potential. As a mom, her fun-loving spirit and spontaneity helps her to create lasting memories with her girls!⠀Read her answers to our questionnaire below and get to know Lauren a little more!

One word to describe your kids: Kind-Hearted 

One word your kids would use to describe you: Hmm..they are 6 and 3 so they would probably say I am Nice and perhaps Silly! 

How would you define your strength, your power?
I am a disarming person.  I am able to put people at ease and they seem to open up around me.   I’ve been told by many people that they never cry yet they’ve cried around me.

Best parenting lesson you’ve learned from your mom?
Things are just things.  They don’t matter.  People matter. 

What do you like to do when you need some “ME” time?
If it’s warm I always want to be outside.  Listening to a podcast (these days it’s WTF, Ram Dass or Arm Chair Expert) or some kirtan and taking a walk through the trails near our house is a favorite way to unwind.  Also Yoga!

What is your passion?
As a yoga teacher to kids (and also adults) I am passionate about helping people cultivate self love and self worth.  I love help people learn to love themselves and tap into their potential. 

Favorite place you’ve traveled to?
Moorea (a heart shaped island off of Tahiti)  

What about it did you love?
The water!  We toured with a marine biologist (Dr. Michael Poole – if you go you must check out his tours!) and had the opportunity to swim with a Hump Back Whale.  I also love Bimini the first island of the Bahamas.  There I had an amazing opportunity to swim with wild dolphins! 

A little fun fact about yourself 
I have a blink and you’ll miss it moment in the Princess Diaries 2 (in a past life I was an actress)

What’s your secret mom talent?
I wish I could say getting my kids to sleep early or creatively sneaking vegetables into meals however, I think my mom talent is using a sense of humor to diffuse difficult situations.  I also love to do fun stuff on a whim and make lasting memories (Just last week after dinner I decided we had no proper desserts in the house and took the girls on an impromptu ice cream run – it was a small thing yet had an impact!) 

Your Spirit Animal: Dolphin…or possibly a cat.  Can I have one of land and one in sea?!

3 emojis to describe life after kids:💗🥰🌪


Meet Nisha, mama to Arya, affectionately known as Little Mirchi, who just turned 6! You might know Nisha from her blog, Love Laugh Mirch, where she shares motherhood moments, family recipes, and life’s masala! We love seeing these two together; their smiles regularly brighten up our morning, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!
Nisha has an amazing ability to bring people together, and it’s no wonder – she truly puts love and respect into everything she does. Read her answers below for a start!

One word to describe Arya: Loving. She spreads her love and warmth wherever she goes. 

One word Arya would use to describe you: “The Boss.” My little one is always telling everyone how her Mumma is the boss 😂

How would you define your strength, your power?
I’d like to think my strength is the power to bring people together. Whether it’s around the dinner table or a simple gathering, I love getting family and friends together and showing my daughter the power of community and relationships. 

Best parenting lesson you’ve learned from your mom? 
When doing something, do it with love and respect. Whether it’s cooking, praying, building new relationships, nurturing old ones or raising children. When something is done with love and respect you put your full heart and effort into it and do it with complete passion. Finding love and happiness in the everyday is a beautiful thing that makes you appreciate the simplest of moments. 

What do you like to do when you need some “ME” time?
Me time includes getting lost in a good book, a relaxing spa day or binge watching my favorite shows with a hot cup of chai.

What is your passion? 
Telling stories about the food and culture I love. 

Favorite place you’ve traveled to?  What about it did you love? 
I loved Rome and the amazing food but most recently i loved our recent travels to Jaipur where my daughter and I got lost in the forts and palaces while listening to stories of royalty.

A little fun fact about yourself: 
I love to work with clay and did so quite a lot while in college. I would love to get back into it. It’s magical to see something you’ve created with your hands. 

Your Spirit Animal
🦁 + 🐘 I’m a bit of a lioness when it comes to my family and being fiercely protective. I also admire the beautiful elephant who like myself follows in the footsteps of the mothers that came before them and are taught their greatest life lessons from their grandmothers. 

3 emojis to describe life after kids: 👧🏻🌶 🥰 (happy face with love hearts around it)


Isn’t this the cutest family?! Meet Danijela, mama to Ivana, D’Angelo, Elena, and DeMarco who range in age from 10 to 5. You might recognize any of these kiddos from our website – these little ones have been a part of our Masala Family for some time and it’s been so much fun watching them grow! Our journey together is far from over, so we want to introduce you to the glue that keeps this family together ❤

One word to describe your kids: Playful 

One word your kids would use to describe you: Goofy lol

How would you define your strength, your power?
Friendly and hard worker. 

Best parenting lesson you’ve learned from your mom? 
Dream big anything is possible if you work hard ❤️

What do you like to do when you need some “ME” time? 
Dinners and movies with my friends and family ❤️

What is your passion?
Being true to myself. Empowering and helping others and traveling, spending time with family ❤️

Currently inspired by: Always and forever, my mom! ❤️ 

Favorite place you’ve traveled to: 
Disney ❤️  huge fan of Mickey Mouse and the Disney gang 🥰

What about it did you love?

A little fun fact about yourself. Love chemistry and mathematics and differential equations are my favorite 🤣

Spirit Animal: Lioness 

What’s your secret mom talent?
My kids love my Nutella and fruit crepes that I make for them 💕

3 emojis to describe life after kids: 💩⚾️👯‍♀️

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