Masala Dad Spotlight: Nigel & Raj

In honor of Father’s Day, we’ve asked our masala dads a series of fun questions to find out a bit about them – read their answers below and get to know our community, one dad at a time!


Meet Sajan Raj Kurup, Founder & Chairman of the Creativeland Asia Group. Raj, who says creativity is his religion, is focused on content and investment in creativity… ah hah! Guess who he invested in?  You guessed it… MASALA BABY!

Twenty years on, in the summer of 2007, he realized his dream and set up Creativeland Asia, the fastest growing independent creative house from India today. He is also the founder of Ventureland Asia. Some call him “The Creative Mystic.”

From age 11, Raj was possessed with the idea of starting his own country. So we thought it would be fun to now talk to him about being a dad to his 2 gorgeous kiddos, Nia and Kian. His daughter and son are 9 and 6.

One word to describe Nia and Kian: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

One word your kids would use to describe you:
Twin, because my mother told them I looked and behaved exactly like them when I was a kid.

Fun fact about yourself: I cry during movies.

What’s your secret dad talent?
In-house hairstylist, wardrobe consultant and personal shopper

Your first thought about becoming a dad?
That’s my best piece of work

What is your passion?
My passion is to truly make a difference in the world through creativity. Everything I do, my work, my business, my conversation, even parenting hinges around being creative and inspiring creativity.

Favorite activity with the kids?
Oh many! in fact every activity becomes unpredictable and exciting with my kids and me around. But, I must say there’s no better activity than lazing aimlessly going through old baby pictures with them, rolling in laughter reminiscing over funny old stories and anecdotes. 

How would you define your strength, your power, your grace? 
True strength and Grace is in being fair and being able to do the right thing no matter how much power is vested in you.

One piece of advice for your children:
Don’t grow up too fast. Take your own sweet time.

3 emojis to describe life after kids:


Well, this amazing dad needs no introduction!⠀
Nigel Barker: fashion photographer, author, spokesperson, filmmaker, judge, and photographer on the reality show America’s Next Top Model, TV personality @shakenandstirredshow Designer @artvanfurniture CMO @dogpound, and the list goes on…

But what Nigel is to us is one of the coolest, kindest Masala Dads ❤️⠀

Barker has directed and produced films, documentaries, and commercials for everyone from Hollywood clients to international charitable organizations, and was awarded the “Film Heals” Award for Humanitarianism at the 6th Annual Manhattan Film Festival for his documentary Dreams Are Not Forgotten. He has worked with several charitable organizations, including the Humane Society of the United States, the Humane Society International, Make A Wish Foundation, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation, the Edeyo Foundation and the USO, where he serves as a digital advisory committee member. ⠀

Nigel and his equally gracious wife and renown Yogi, Cristen AKA @ChinTwins, have 2 kiddos, Jack and Jasmine. We wanted take this opportunity to find out more about Nigel, the dad!⠀

Read his answers below!

One word to describe Jasmine and Jack: Hope.

Fun fact about yourself: 
I love spicy food and can cook a mean curry

What’s your secret dad talent?
Not sure it’s a secret but giving my children my uninterrupted attention and time

Your first thought about becoming a dad?
Don’t mess this up!

When did you tell your first dad joke?
Probably before I was a Dad

What is your passion?
Using my photography and film making to tell important stories that help move hearts and minds

Favorite activity with the kids:  Snorkeling

Favorite place you’ve traveled to?  What about it did you love?
Sri Lanka, the people are so hospitable and the island so diverse with an ancient and rich culture and history.

How would you define your strength, your power, your grace? 
Not sure how one describes these attributes about oneself but I get my strength from my family, who empower me to be the best person I can be and no one I know handles adversity with more grace than my wife Crissy, so she is a constant source of inspiration. 

One piece of advice to your children:
Compassion – Starting with yourself, be kind and allow yourself to be as beautiful as you can be. 

3 emojis to describe life after kids:
You mean Life with kids! 🤪☀️💫

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