Decoding Autumn – Winter fashion for your little ones

Ruchi shows us some of her favorite looks for little Ivanka this season

We are already looking forward to Autumn Winter Fashion thanks to Masala Baby which is now available in India through Amazon for online orders. Today, I want to talk about the basic things to keep in mind now that the season is almost changing and all of the stores are beckoning you to pick up Autumn-Winter appropriate clothing. While it’s majorly good bye to summer dresses soon enough, for us it’s almost also good bye to full sleeves shirts that we hang onto during the Indian Monsoon! However, is it alright to pack away everything or a little bit of mix and match can help? Or can we do with an all encompassing  capsule wardrobe staples for the Autumn Winter and mix them up with Spring- Summer?

Let’s cruise you through this really confused period by helping you pick up the essential ‘must haves’  for transitioning into autumn!

  1. Color Palette:

Now some things without debate since the start of time have influenced fashion at the grass root level. There’s no denying the love for floral prints during spring, whites during summers, and fall colors during fall! Yes, it’s absolutely essential to pick up darker and deeper colors as you transition from autumn to winter! Classics to opt for are: Mustard Yellow, Deep Orange, Maroons, Reds, Brown (can also include off whites/ beige/ nude tones)and safely into the arms of Grey to Black.

  • Accessories: Boots, mufflers, headgears, Stockings  all these constitute a major part in helping you pull off any Autumn-Winter look with ease!
  • Statement Top Layer: There’s no stopping any look from becoming THE look this autumn if you have a statement jacket and you are a pro at layering game! This is exactly where all your summer outfits come into the picture- yes, your shirts, your dresses can all be used back again in the winter all you need is a statement jacket to pull it all off and the point number 2-accessories!

Keeping just these 3 easy to understand points as base we created the following looks for Masala Baby:

Deep jewel tones like Ruby Red, Emerald Green, Sapphire blue are always big winners in Autumn Winter. We found this beautiful deep Red on Masala Baby’s latest collection on Amazon and thought that this outfit is a blend of all our favorite fall colors, making it a must have. Accessorize it with simple boots and a pretty headband! As the mercury dips down further, layer it up with stockings, a statement jacket, and a hat for the perfect winter result!

For an upgraded look, we went for this beautiful accent reversible jacket in gold. It’s just so stop and stare that it will end up glorifying any piece of humble outfit you pick up this Autumn. The perfect outer layer choice. Even better when zipped up!

There’s no beige off white tone outfit that won’t blend in with the leaves that fall! Kick up a storm with the fallen leaves in this outfit that perfect for the wild boho little girl. We paired in up with the boots again to show you how important boots are to style up any look you might plan this autumn- winter. Lace is a particular weakness and belt accentuates this otherwise free flowing gorgeous outfit from Masala Baby!

The jacket working its magic once again, making it an inseparable part of your Autumn-Winter Wardrobe.

Now, coming back to the point of your summer outfit that you just don’t want to let go of, one look at the next outfit from Masala Baby and you would know why I wouldn’t let go of it in Autumn-winter either!

Leaving you guys with this really pretty, summery birthday outfit that is very easy to manage and can be upgraded to the autumn-winter look with equal ease.

About Ruchi and Ivanka:
Leading Indian Mom Blogger and pioneer of Baby Fashion content creation in India. They are evolving fashion by  injecting creativity in the content they create. Dream weavers, sun chasers, lovers of light, part nomads part book nerds. Equal portion magic, love and pixie dust.  Also, very easy to touch base on Instagram @the_blog_of_Ruchi  

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