This morning as I was feeling the Monday morning blues…. I thought of some of the most inspiring moments that made my Mondays meaningful in the past. And I sprung out of bed, a good 30 minute run, 2 cups of coffee and feeling truly inspired about all the incredible Mamas that I have met through my journey at Masala Baby and I knew I had to start sharing their stories, their journeys as their support meant everything to me. So here we are with MAMA MONDAYS!

Today, I wanted to share some of these incredible MASALA MAMAS that have been with us, holding Masala Baby’s hand, supporting the brand, but also allowing us to get a glimpse into their lives with their little ones. I truly understood through them how to build a real authentic community. Because at the end of the day Community and Connection is what meant the most to us and they were there for to brighten up our days like a beautiful sunrise and for that I am truly grateful.

Every morning these women without even knowing have put a smile on my face. These are working women and stay at home mamas, women of color, mamas of all shapes and sizes, speaking different languages, coming from diverse cultural backgrounds. I am very lucky that they have been part of our journey and I got a chance to get to know them and their kiddos, share a few moments of joy with them. They ended up being our golden girls, our soul sisters. They put on their royal charm and tickled us pink 🙂

We have laughed on photo shoots, shared emails and photos of their travels. They have been kind to let us into their lives, showered us with their love and smiles..

People are simple craving REAL-LIFE connections and this community that we created together is as real as it gets. Real Women, Real Mamas, Strong, Resilient, Unwavering, Sweet, Gentle, Loyal, Creative, Smart Supportive.. and for that I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL!


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